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​​Weekly Religious ARTICLE

Edward Proffitt Th.D.


"I came to thee in the name of the Lord" 1 Samuel 17:45  

Edward Proffitt, Th.D.

There was a man of King Saul's official board by the name of Doeg. Doeg was an 

Edomite! Edomite  was a black mark upon anyone's name. They were bitter enemies of the Israelites. Doeg was an Edomite! Yet somehow he attained a  high rank under King Saul. Because of that any hatred of David by Saul was magnified and intensified in Doeg. Doeg was a dangerous and ungodly man.

In the days of King Saul, David was most of the time a fugitive. Saul attempted to murder David several times, so he decided to flee an take refuge with the Philistines. Saul was afraid of the Philistines and would not dare go in their country, do David hurried over Mt Olivet to the town of Nob.

The tabernacle of the Lord rested at Nob as did the High Pried of Israel, Ahimelech. Abimelech saw David coming and was not eager to meet him for reasons of fearing King Saul, so David was seen as being trouble. David asked Ahimelech for help and he reluctantly gave it. He gave David sacred loaves from the TABLE OF SHEWBREAD out of the HOLY PLACE. Those loaves were set aside by divine degree for the Priest use only. Yet he gave them to David - anything to get rid of him. He also gave David the SWORD OF GOLIATH that was in the tabernacle. That sword must of been a great reunion to David. The last time he saw Goliath's sword was on the battlefield as a youth. At that time he could not hoist it over his head, but now he straps it to his side and thanks Ahimelech.

Then all of a sudden David is gripped with a shock, there in the crowd of citizens of Nob was DOEG THE EDOMITE. Doeg had seen and heard all that took place with the priest. David knew he would report to Saul and that is exactly what happened. Doeg told Saul that Ahimelech the Priest had an alliance with David. He told Saul the priest had given active aid to the cause of David. A runner comes to David and tells him about what Doeg told Saul, He told Saul about the alliance and he sent troops to arrest Ahimelech. At that point is were David penned Psalm 52. which is called an IMPEKATOR PSALM. It was a Psalm calling down the RIGHEOUS VENGENCE OF GOD on the evil man Doeg. 

Remember RUTH THE EDOMITE? She came under the wings of the God of Israeli's for refuge, but not Doeg, for Doeg was a self seeking opportunist in the Israelite camp and done quite well in climbing the ladder. In doing so he was a poison tongue, "Thy tongue deviseth mischiefs like a razor working deceitfully" (Psalm 52:2). He also perverted attitudes, "Thou lovest evil more than good and lying rather than to speak righteousness" (Psalm 52:3). David knew something when he saw him in the crowd by the tabernacle. Because of Doeg's parading, poison tongue, perverted temperament, what did he deserve? David tells us what God will do to him, "God shall destroy thee forever, He shall take away, and pluck thee out of the dwelling place, and root thee out of the land of the living" (Psalm 52:5). Then David adds the word SELAH as to say, WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT! Than in verse six David says, "the righteous shall see and shall laugh at him".

David ends the 52nd Psalm with, "I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever". 

We can do that also, because God is merciful. Psalm 52 tells us that Doeg was BOSTFUL, HAD POISON TONGUE, LOVED EVIL. Each one let alone all three can destroy. So the question! ---




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